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Created on 2009-05-09 22:00:28 (#320855), last updated 2009-06-26 (434 weeks ago)

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Name:MP3 sharing and discussion of chinese pop music.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:cpop discussion and mp3 sharing
This is a community for anything related to Chinese music. Discussion, downloads, picspams of Chinese singers, anything.

Be nice.
Lock any entries that have download links, please!
Post any images bigger than 400px behind a cut.
Comment on any posts you download things from. It's only polite to do, because the uploader has taken time to upload things.

I'm not too strict with the rules, but please at least follow these.

I ([personal profile] second) will add to this as I see fit. I've never modded a community before, so I might be a little slow on the uptake, but feel free to contact me to ask about anything.

(Interests copied over from the cpop community on livejournal)

Interests (105):

12 girls band, 183club, 2r, 5566, a-mei, aaron kwok, alan kuo, alec su, alex fong lik sun, ambrose hsu, andy hui, andy lau, angela chang, anson hu, at 17, barbie xu, beyond, boyz, cantonese, cantopop, cecilia cheung, chet lam, china, chinese, chinese music, coco lee, cookies, cpop, cyndi wang, daniel chan, dylan guo, eason chan, edison chen, edmond leung, ekin cheng, elva hsiao, emil chau, energy, f.i.r., f4, faye wong, fiona sit, fish leong, gigi leung, hacken lee, hong kong, jay chou, jerry yan, jessica hsuan, jill hsu, joey yung, jolin tsai, jordan chan, js, juno mak, karaoke, karena, ke you lun, kelly chen, ken chu, landy wen, leo ku, lin jun jie, long kuan jiu duan, louis koo, mandarin, mayday, micheal wang, mini cookies, miriam yeung, mp3, music, nicholas tse, ocean ou, ping pung, richie ren, roman tam, ruby lam, ruby lin, s.h.e., sammi cheng, shawn yue, shine, sky, stefanie sun, taiwan, taiwanese, tarcy su, tension, tvxq, twins, valen hsu, vanness wu, vic zhou, victor wong, vivian hsu, wang lee hom, wong ka kui, yumiko cheng, zai zai, zhang hui mei, zhao wei, , 中国, 中文
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